Springville, Alabama, United States

(205) 807-6849

Handguns are our Pleasure as well as our business - ffl dealer

gunsmith - ffl dealer - Clean, inspect, repair Handguns


cleaning & inspection

  • Strip weapon
  • Clean
  • Oil parts as needed
  • Reassemble
  • Inspect operation of weapon to ensure proper function
  • Perform other gunsmithing services as needed


  • Repair or replace parts to return weapon to proper function
  • Clear misfeeds, misfires, and other malfunctions that may be preventing proper operation of weapon
  • Perform other gunsmithing services as needed

CUSTOM services


custom work

  • ACTION JOBS - Smooth action parts to provide a smoother trigger squeeze
  • INSTALL TRIGGERS - to provide better trigger feel and reset
  • INSTALL SIGHTS - to increase ease of target acquisition
  • BOB HAMMERS - to improve aesthetics and relieve temptation to fire single action 


  • Can include all of the above and more
  • Gunsmith service designed for competitive rather than defensive application with goal of providing better accuracy and operation




  • Act as liaison to another FFL Dealer to receive and/or ship handguns and other weapons purchased, sold, or requiring shipping for other reasons
  • Pick up your shipment at your convenience in Springville

background check

  • Perform NICS check when necessary
  • This is REQUIRED for receiving a firearm
  • FFL Dealer